Interest revival…. Hello, again!

This blog borns from an evening made of rage and cries. I’ve realized that for so much time I’ve wasted my time on the PC forgetting to gain serious knowledge in what I was really interested into. I can remember when I was a child, tryin’ to understand how Back Orifice 2000 was really working, how the hell was getting managed to hide itself from the system and so on… I can remember when I was trying to understand the asm listing of the Cascade or Michelangelo viruses…

I don’t know what happened later, maybe school and university stole so much time, and I didn’t have the time for skilling in the malware/rootkit writing/analysis. Now I regret for not having gained experience… maybe now I could have spent some of that in the job world…

I decided to start learning how rootkits work, how to write them, the countermeasures, reversing basics and so on… I know I’m something like over 10 years late in doing this, but, even if I won’t be able to spend this little experience in the job world, being something like a small private researcher will be fine too…

I don’t know what I will write in this blog…. maybe my progress in doing this, which may seem trival to the people that are already in this field, maybe my thoughts, or maybe this blog won’t live so long… who knows…

Hope to write here again…


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